A sandwich, apparently, is not just a sandwich.  It’s more than just 2 slices of bread wrapping itself around deli meat.  It’s not Subway or Togo’s, nor is not, good heavens, Quizno’s.  It should also be a culinary experience, and Tom Colicchio has given us ‘WichCraft, a casual sandwich stop inside the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Here’s my review of ‘WichCraft.  Good to the last bite.  I wouldn’t drop everything to go there, but we were already staying at the MGM, so it was a good excuse to get on the culinary roller coaster and see what’s on the other side.

What I realized was that no matter how good of a chef you are, you really are as good as the ingredients you’ve chosen for your craft.  Tom Colicchio would have gone with your typical bread choices [white, wheat, rye, etc.], overstuff it with some Boarhead deli, and charge $15 per and called it a day.  But the skirt steak, fried eggs and oyster mushrooms on a roll breakfast sandwich packed a good punch for $10.  I think we’re all pleasantly surprised when we are expecting a run-of-the-mill sandwich, even if it’s Tom Colicchio, and we get something better.  To be honest, a sandwich is a sandwich in that the components are basically the same.  2 slices of bread or roll cut in half.  Meat.  Condiments.  But throw in a twist, like the fried egg, and everything lightens up and the sandwich makes more of a statement [below].

Pleasant surprises are always good.  Like when my wife won $20 on a $20 slot credit for MGM guests on the first pull.  It’s not world changing, but for a few moments, life is good.  Same with ‘WichCraft.  It’s not an earth shattering sandwich, but for the time it took to eat it, life is good.  Life doesn’t have to be limited to the passionless, visionary lacking turkey sandwich from Subway [sorry Subway fans – especially Jared, who’s their spokesman].  It can be more, even if it’s just a sandwich.

What was ordered:

  • Skirt steak, fried egg, and oyster mushroom sandwich
  • Roasted turkey, avocado, and bacon sandwich
  • Toscana soup [sausage, roasted peppers, and spinach]