I don’t know how anyone feels about Jamie Oliver.  Some think he’s a great chef.  Some think he’s just another TV cooking personality.  Some even think he isn’t that great of a cook.  But when I watched the following video, I think we can put our personal feelings aside and whole heartedly agree that food and obesity is one of the biggest problems we have in the fabric of American life.  We need to “re-learn” how to cook in this country.  We need to know that food doesn’t always, or even have to, come out of a drive thru window or thrown in the microwave.  The clip in the video below that struck me most are the elementary school kids who don’t know what a tomato looks like.  They don’t know what a potato is.  It’s a real shame.

So, let’s do our best.  We live busy lives, but it doesn’t mean we have to kill ourselves by eating crap.  As Mark Bittman writes in his book, Food Matters, if what you’re buying at the grocery store has more than 5 or 6 ingredients, think about putting it back.  We don’t need all that sugar.  We don’t need all the additives.  We need to eat right and we need to do it now.