Food trucks have been a part of our food landscape for a while, but we used to know them as “roach coaches”.  A truck where you can get tacos, sandwiches, burritos, and almost anything fried.  Those days, clearly, are gone.  Kogi has upped the ante.  And they’ve placed the bar rather high.  With the use of Twitter to tell potential diners where they will be, and an infusion of Korean and Mexican cuisine, I’m not sure where we go from here with “roach coaches”.  Now, there are food trucks galore.  The Nom-Nom [Vietnamese Bahn Mi], Grilled Cheese, and numerous knock offs, it’s almost overwhelming.

But the thing with these new trucks is that they’re not what you would consider “cheap” foods.  A good size meal at a Kogi truck could ring you up $10-$12 with a drink.  And you don’t get to sit, unless you find a nice rock or a comfy curb.    But what you do get is a much better quality in the food that we grew up.  For one, I am really happy to know that there are dozens and dozens of these little mobile kitchens all over SoCal.  I realize that these food trucks aren’t for everyone, but of the ones I’ve eaten, they really are doing something to be excited about.  It’s not going to blow the Michelin guide reviewer’s hats off…yet.  While I don’t think the Michelin Guide would ever pay attention to these food trucks, I hope that they continue to churn out good food.  I would certainly pay $10-$12 from a Kogi truck than to pay the same amount at a big box restaurant if I can help it.