I can’t think of too many dishes out there, that given a choice of adding an egg, I wouldn’t at least think about it for a few seconds.  I am just sucker for eggs of any kind on practically any dish.  Recently, I went to Marche Moderne in Costa Mesa and they had a dish that was an Idaho trout with a fried egg on top over potato hash.  Need I say more?  Do I even need to tell my gentle readers what I ordered?  Club sandwich?  Gotta have an egg in there.  A burger?  Fried egg.  Egg salad sandwich?  Please.  If there’s an egg on the menu, I will at least think about ordering it, even if I order something else.

Watching an episode of No Reservations, where Anthony Bourdain is once again in Vietnam, I completely and utterly know what he is talking about when asked if he wanted a fried egg in his banh mi [Vietnamese sandwich].  He said, “When is a gratuitous egg NOT going to be good?”  When we go out to eat broken rice, I almost always get a fried egg on the side and I plop it over my rice.  Break the yoke and cut up the egg white over the rice to get that perfect consistency and taste.  A little fish sauce and it’s over for me.  I know a lot of people might think eggs in sandwiches, other than an egg salad sandwich, is weird and not that tasty.  All I can say is, “Don’t hate it until you’ve tried it.”  My wife thought, or maybe still thinks, a fried egg in a sandwich is weird.  But now, even though she doesn’t ask for it, when I make her a sandwich, she never complains and she never asks me to take it out.  The runny yolk in the sandwich is perfection.

If you still think I’m mad, Thomas Keller’s world’s greatest sandwich is a fried egg sandwich with bacon, tomato, and lettuce.  Can you really argue with that?  Here’s a toast to glorious eggs!