While we didn’t plan all that well with what could have been THE meal of a lifetime, we did have A meal of a lifetime.  So far.  I’m still holding out hope that one day, we will get to eat at the French Laundry.  For now, I am not ashamed at all to say that Cyrus, with its muscular 2 Michelin Stars to boot, is a meal I will not soon forget.  Located at Healdsburg in Sonoma County, it is about an hour drive northwest of Napa.  But that drive is so worth it.  As part of a hotel near the little downtown area, Cyrus is in a class all by itself.  If a 2 star Michelin restaurant is this good, I really can’t wait to try the French Laundry.  The 5 course [6 for me since I added a cheese course] tasting menu and the out-of-this-world candy/dessert cart basically blew our minds.  I had to abandon my rule of not taking anymore pictures of food for this meal.  Some words to describe this meal:  Exquisite.  Beautiful.  Fun.  Sublime.  I’m not going to write too much about the meal as I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.