While I know many people watch and enjoy Adam Richman‘s “Man V. Food” on the Travel Channel, I myself do not understand why in this country, we are obsessed with how much we can eat in a limited period of time.  The shorter the time and the more abundant the food, the more we are mesmerized by the insanity of any human being who would want them to do that to themselves.  And yet, we insist on watching a show that only enables a behavior that has put this country to its knees with obesity.  And to add insult to injury, the brilliant minds of the producers at Travel Channel decided to up the ante and create, “Man v. Food Nation”.

Now, before we all get excited about what new food Adam Richman will be jamming in his mouth, this new show is not about him gorging by himself.  The show is now recruiting people to join in this insanity.  There is a social aspect of this show that really gnaws at me.  Even though I don’t eat like Adam Richman on the show, I know I am no better than he and others who really eat too much food in general.  So, I am not saying I am a better person because I don’t watch this show or that I am a better person because I don’t partake in the gorging, because I’m not.  I am just as guilty in my waste of food, in how I take food for granted, and how I don’t think more socially about the hungry.  There’s a part of me that gets why people watch this show, but for me, I just think it’s a sad testament that millions go hungry every day and then there are shows like this, where it’s a contest to eat a 9 pound burrito in 90 minutes for what?  A picture of yourself on the Wall of Fame.  Wow.  Have our lives been reduced to this kind of insanity?  And for me, it’s a sad testament that amount of food I waste because I over bought, over estimated, and just plan forgot about.  There’s a long way for us to go in this country.  One of the ways is to think about these things more often, even if we’re thinking about them while watching this show.